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An own goal and two each from Lutalo and Odong brought the Jogoos back to winning ways against new entrants NEC FC.The teams were locked in a tight battle, neither side yielding an inch, and the crowd held their breath with every passing moment.

It was the 5th minute when the first threat emerged, as Kiwanuka Rogers made a run, but the referee’s flag signaled an offside. Tensions were rising, and anticipation hung heavy in the air. Five minutes later, Then, Lutalo Umar made a brilliant move, slotting the ball into the net, thanks to a well-placed assist from Kiwanuka. T

The 15th minute saw the Jogoos dominating possession, displaying an attack-minded style of play that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. It was an electrifying display of skill and strategy. As the clock reached the 27th minute, an early substitution was made. David Owori stepped onto the field, replacing the injured Kiwanuka. Play was momentarily halted as Juma Ramathan suffered an injury in a collision, leaving both teams concerned.

By the half-hour mark, Juma Ramathan found himself on the ground again, and the medical team rushed onto the field making another forceful substitution bringing Jonah Kakande on.

In the 39th minute, Norman made a spectacular save, punching out Tendo Ibrahim’s powerful shot, showcasing his goalkeeping prowess.

The 42nd minute was a turning point as a gift arrived for the Jogoos. An own goal from NEC FC’s Achire, courtesy of a well-placed through ball from Kakande, extended the home team’s lead.

Just before halftime, in the 45+1 minute, Odong headed a free ball that sailed into the net, pushing the Jogoos even further ahead from Bogere’s free kick. The stadium erupted in celebration.

After the halftime break, the Jogoos returned to the field with renewed vigor. In the 48th minute, Bogere once again narrowly missed connecting with Umar’s cross.

As the game reached its closing stages, Norman Angufidru made an exceptional block to deny NEC FC’s attempt to claw back into the match.

In the 88th minute, a triple substitution by the Gaffer saw fresh legs on the field: Ivan Serubiri, Abas Kyeyune, and Hakim Kiwanuka. They replaced Elvis Ngonde, Bogere, and Onzima.

The Jogoos held their ground, defending fiercely, and the opposition couldn’t penetrate their defenses. The final whistle blew, and the Jogoos emerged victorious, securing all three points on the day.

“I’m thrilled for the opportunity to join the team and contribute. Our recent results haven’t been ideal, so today’s win was crucial. Scoring again feels great, and it’s all thanks to our teamwork. Let’s keep this momentum going!”

The Jogoos will return to action on 20th October with a visit away to Vipers SC.