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 In the eagerly awaited Derby clash, the Jogoos demonstrated early composure and offensive prowess by the 5th minute. Despite Kiwanuka’s attempt at a 7th-minute counterattack, a shot failed to materialize. Express FC seized the lead at the 15th minute, thanks to Alpha Thierry Ssali’s goal, capitalizing on a deflection by Odong Arnold.

Masembe found himself with a promising opportunity at the 18th minute, yet Kimera’s goalkeeping heroics punched the ball above the crossbar, ultimately resulting in a corner. As the match unfolded, the Jogoos intensified their efforts to level the score, gaining more possession by the 25th minute. The breakthrough materialized at the 34th minute when Patrick Jonah Kakande scored with a well-executed through ball from Bogere.

The halftime whistle blew with the teams level, setting the stage for an intriguing second half. Post-recess at the 50th minute, the Jogoos exhibited increased danger, launching a barrage of attacks on their opponent, with Sekiganda orchestrating the midfield. Despite a chance for Ivan Bogere at the 55th minute, a ballooned shot diminished the potential for what could have been a spectacular goal.

The 60th minute marked a pivotal moment as Sekiganda was fouled in the box, resulting in a penalty for the Jogoos. Umaru Lutalo seized the opportunity, skillfully sending Kimera the wrong way and finding the back of the net at the 62nd minute.

As the game entered its final stages, the Jogoos sustained their offensive onslaught, ultimately securing a 2-1 victory in the Derby. Noteworthy double substitutions occurred at the 55th and 70th minutes, with Lwanga and Onzima replacing Bogere and Hakim Kiwanuka, and later, Kafumbe and Ngonde stepping in for Lutalo and Kakande, respectively.

“Securing victory in the Derby was a tremendous achievement for us. This triumph not only marked a great day in the office but also uplifted the spirits of every player on the team. The momentum gained from this win serves as a powerful motivator, propelling us forward with confidence as we set our sights on success in the upcoming games.” – star of the Match Patrick Jonah Kakande.