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A Display of Determination as Jogoos picked a point at St. Mary’s Stadium

In an electrifying Friday evening showdown illuminated by floodlights, the Jogoos clinched a crucial away point at St. Mary’s Stadium – Kitende. The game began with a fiery start, as Gavin Kizito Mugweri found the net in the 7th minute, putting the Jogoos in the lead. However, their opponents managed to equalize in the 77th minute through a goal by Patrick Mbowa.

The 3rd minute witnessed the Jogoos embarking on an early offensive, with Bogere taking the first shot at goal. By the 15th minute, the team had established a strong presence on the pitch and displayed a clear understanding of their game plan, maintaining an attacking stance.

The crowd erupted in the 7th minute as @gavinkizito12 scored a fantastic goal, sending the Jogoos into the lead. This remarkable goal followed a skillful free kick by Umar Lutalo, granted after a foul on Bogere by Vipers’ Murushid Juuko.

Norman made a crucial save in the 25th minute, denying Anukani’s free kick, which came after a foul on Sentamu by Onzima. In the 37th minute, Kenneth Semakula received a yellow card for a foul on Yunus Sentamu.

In the 40th minute, Odong deflected Yunus’ shot to prevent what could have been a clear goal. After the halftime break in the 50th minute, possession of the ball was highly contested by both teams, with the Jogoos striving to regain control.

In the 60th minute, coach Dusan Stojanovic made his first substitution, replacing Semugera and Onzima with Serubiri and Lwanga. In the 66th minute, Umar Lutalo had a promising opportunity, but his shot narrowly missed the crossbar.

“I want to express my gratitude to the players and everyone within the team for the outstanding character they displayed today. We possessed the potential to secure a victory, yet obtaining a point serves as a solid foundation. My sincere thanks also go out to the dedicated fans who turned out in large numbers. Let’s maintain our optimism for what lies ahead.” – Umar Lutalo

Vipers SC managed to equalize in the 77th minute, with Patrick Mbowa expertly heading in Lumala’s corner kick. The referee added four minutes of extra time to the second half, during which Sekiganda replaced Ngonde Elvis, ultimately leading to the final whistle.

“Before each game, our ambition is to secure a win, and I consistently emphasize to the team the importance of focusing on scoring goals. While we gave our all in today’s match, a single point might not be sufficient, but we’ll use it as a foundation to improve in our upcoming game.” – Coach Dusan Stojanovic

The Jogoos will return to action on Tuesday at Wankulukuku where they will host Bul FC from Jinja.