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Junior and Andrew heightened to senior squad

Teenagers Junior Niwamanya and Andrew Otim have officially inked their inaugural senior contracts with Sports Club Villa.

Junior, a graduate of SC Villa’s junior team, has secured a senior deal with the Jogoo senior squad. Since joining SC Villa’s junior ranks in 2021, Niwamanya has remained a consistent presence, culminating in being crowned the top scorer of the 2022/23 FUFA Juniors League.

His promotion to the senior reserve team came after showcasing his prowess on the field, and he’s been diligently training, poised to make his mark on the senior stage.

Expressing his excitement, Junior Niwamanya remarked,

“Signing for the senior team is every academy player’s dream, and I’m thrilled to be living it. Despite the abundance of talent in the academy, being selected and securing my senior contract is an incredible feeling. I’m eager to achieve great things with this club, grateful for the supportive environment they’ve cultivated, and the trust they’ve bestowed upon me.”


Name: Niwamanya Junior
Position: striker/forward
Date of Birth: 10th August 2006
Former Clubs: SC Villa junior team

In a parallel move, Andrew Otim, another promising teenager, has committed to a four-year tenure with the Jogoo senior team.

Otim’s journey saw him honing his skills in school football at Buddo SS until completing his Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education in 2023. His recent standout performance during the 2023 finale of the Wakiso region USSSA football championship caught the eye, paving the way for his entry into the senior ranks of SC Villa.

Reflecting on his aspirations, Andrew Otim shared.

“Playing for a prestigious club like SC Villa has always been my ambition, and now, it’s a dream realized. I’m grateful to the coaches for acknowledging my potential and offering me this opportunity. Joining the ranks of SC Villa, with its illustrious history, is an honor I deeply cherish. I’m eager to contribute my all to this esteemed club.”

Overflowing with enthusiasm, Otim added, “Here’s to the journey ahead, filled with countless memories waiting to be made. I’m ready to make my mark on the rich tapestry of SC Villa’s history, to roll up my sleeves and give my absolute best for this esteemed club. The faith placed in me is something I aim to repay with every ounce of effort.”


Name: Otim Andrew
Position: striker/forward
Date of Birth: 2 July 1999
Former Clubs: Buddo SSS
Contract: 4 years

Everyone at the club wishes the lads a fruitful start to their senior careers with the team.