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In memory of departed CEO James Sserebe, his appointment in July 2018 marked a turning point for SC Villa. Following a crucial meeting at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, an interim committee led by Eng. William Nkemba was formed to stabilize the club after Eng. Ben Misagga’s departure.

With James Sserebe as the acting CEO, the committee aimed to restore order and rectify previous issues. Facing a depleted squad, Sserebe worked tirelessly to recruit players and register them for the season, overcoming the challenges of a turbulent period.

The committee, including Mr. Norbert Kazibwe and Mr. Aaron Jjagwe, played a pivotal role in organizing elections within three months. Sserebe’s efforts continued, and by January, the squad was further strengthened with 13 experienced signings.

Sserebe’s dedication to saving the club from relegation was evident, working with limited resources and inheriting a challenging situation. His tenure lasted until September 11, 2019, when he handed over to Mr. Shawn Mubiru.

Narrated by Maj. D S Kavuma, a devoted SC Villa fan.

Today, on February 5th, we bid farewell to James Sserebe as he is laid to rest at Masooli Kyadondo. May his soul rest in eternal peace.