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On Sunday, January 7, 2024, SC Villa faced off against URA FC in the closing match of the Startimes Uganda Premier League’s first round. The game unfolded with SC Villa adopting an attack-minded strategy within the first five minutes.

Despite promising plays from both sides, SC Villa’s early offensive move was thwarted by an offside call at the 10-minute mark. Abas had a golden opportunity in the 17th minute, with a header from Kakande’s corner narrowly missing the right post. The 33rd minute saw Lwanga’s shot blocked by Enock Walusimbi, adding intensity to the match.

As the first half approached its end, two extra minutes were added. The teams regrouped after the break, with Umar Lutalo stepping in for Diego Semugera at the 45-minute mark. The second half unfolded with SC Villa striving to settle in, opting for a more possession-oriented approach.

Despite their efforts, the Jogoos couldn’t secure clear goal-scoring opportunities by the 55th minute. Abas Kyeyune’s shot veered far right, leaving the scoreline untouched. Subsequent changes came at the 61st minute, with Hakim Mutebi and Ivan Bogere substituting for Hakim Kiwanuka and Charles Lwanga.

At the 75th minute, Ivan Bogere’s shot was expertly handled by Omedwa, showcasing both teams’ defensive prowess. In the 86th minute, a chance emerged as Kiwanuka’s free-kick was punched out by Omedwa. The fourth official signaled five minutes of added time, creating a suspenseful atmosphere.

As the final whistle blew, SC Villa secured a hard-fought draw in Lugazi. Goalkeeper Norman Angufindru reflected on the match, stating;

“It was a good game, but we just couldn’t find a winner. However, we take a point heading into the break, meaning more work during the time to collect maximum points in the second round.”

With the first round concluded, SC Villa occupies the fifth position on the log with determination to maximize their points in the upcoming second round. The story of this match adds another chapter to the ongoing journey of the Jogoos in the StarTimes Uganda Premier League.