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Ugandan Pride: Umar Lutalo’s Pursuit in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

SC Villa players in Umar Lutalo, Gavin Kizito and Kenneth Semakula were selected in the final squad to represent Uganda in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Morocco against Guinea and Somalia on 17th and 21st November respectively. Our media Manager held a discussion with Umar Lutalo;

Media Manager: Congratulations on being called up to the national team, Umar! How does it feel to have the opportunity to represent Uganda in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Morocco?

Umar Lutalo: Thank you! It’s truly a dream come true. Representing my country at such a prestigious event is an honor, and I’m thrilled to contribute to Uganda’s journey in the World Cup qualifiers.

Media Manager: Having Gavin and Kenneth from SC Villa alongside you must add a familiar touch. How has the camaraderie been within the team, especially with fellow club teammates?

Umar Lutalo: It’s been fantastic. Having Gavin and Kenneth by my side has made the transition smoother. Our shared experiences from SC Villa create a strong bond, and it’s a privilege to represent both our club and country together.

Media Manager: What do you think are the key strengths that you bring to the national team, and how do you plan to contribute to the team’s success in the upcoming matches against Guinea?

Umar Lutalo: I believe my versatility on the field and ability to adapt to different positions will be an asset. I aim to give my best, whether it’s in defense, midfield, or supporting the attack. Teamwork and a strong work ethic will be crucial to our success, and I’m ready to contribute in any way the coach sees fit.

Media Manager: Facing Guinea or Somalia in the qualifiers is a significant challenge. How has the team been preparing, and what strategies do you think will be vital to secure positive results in both matches?

Umar Lutalo: The team has been putting in a lot of hard work on and off the field. Our preparation involves studying Guinea’s and Somalia’s playing style, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Discipline and effective communication will be key during the matches. We’re focused on executing the coach’s strategies and giving our all on the pitch.

Media Manager: As a player from SC Villa, how has your club experience prepared you for the international stage, especially in such crucial matches like these World Cup qualifiers?

Umar Lutalo: Playing for SC Villa has been invaluable. The competition in domestic leagues is intense, and it has helped me develop both as an individual player and as part of a team. The experience gained in high-pressure situations will undoubtedly be beneficial on the international stage.

Media Manager: What are your personal aspirations for these World Cup qualifiers, and how do you envision the impact of a successful campaign on Ugandan football?

Umar Lutalo: Personally, I aim to give my best performance, make a positive impact, and contribute to our success in reaching the World Cup. A successful campaign would not only be a source of pride for us players but also inspire the next generation of footballers in Uganda. It could potentially elevate the status of Ugandan football on the global stage.

Media Manager: Lastly, any message for the fans who will be cheering for Uganda during these important qualifiers?

Umar Lutalo: To all the fans, your support means everything to us. We feel your energy on the field, and it motivates us to push harder. Let’s come together, stand united, and cheer for Uganda. We’ll give our all, and with your support, we aim to make our nation proud. Thank you for being the driving force behind us!