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Ugandan Pride: Umar Lutalo’s Pursuit in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

SC Villa players in Umar Lutalo, Gavin Kizito and Kenneth Semakula were selected in the final squad to represent Uganda in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Morocco against Guinea and Somalia on 17th and 21st November respectively. Our media Manager held a discussion with Umar Lutalo;

Media Manager: Congratulations on being called up to the national team, Umar! How does it feel to have the opportunity to represent Uganda in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Morocco?

Umar Lutalo: Thank you! It’s truly a dream come true. Representing my country at such a prestigious event is an honor, and I’m thrilled to contribute to Uganda’s journey in the World Cup qualifiers.

Media Manager: Having Gavin and Kenneth from SC Villa alongside you must add a familiar touch. How has the camaraderie been within the team, especially with fellow club teammates?

Umar Lutalo: It’s been fantastic. Having Gavin and Kenneth by my side has made the transition smoother. Our shared experiences from SC Villa create a strong bond, and it’s a privilege to represent both our club and country together.

Media Manager: What do you think are the key strengths that you bring to the national team, and how do you plan to contribute to the team’s success in the upcoming matches against Guinea?

Umar Lutalo: I believe my versatility on the field and ability to adapt to different positions will be an asset. I aim to give my best, whether it’s in defense, midfield, or supporting the attack. Teamwork and a strong work ethic will be crucial to our success, and I’m ready to contribute in any way the coach sees fit.

Media Manager: Facing Guinea or Somalia in the qualifiers is a significant challenge. How has the team been preparing, and what strategies do you think will be vital to secure positive results in both matches?

Umar Lutalo: The team has been putting in a lot of hard work on and off the field. Our preparation involves studying Guinea’s and Somalia’s playing style, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Discipline and effective communication will be key during the matches. We’re focused on executing the coach’s strategies and giving our all on the pitch.

Media Manager: As a player from SC Villa, how has your club experience prepared you for the international stage, especially in such crucial matches like these World Cup qualifiers?

Umar Lutalo: Playing for SC Villa has been invaluable. The competition in domestic leagues is intense, and it has helped me develop both as an individual player and as part of a team. The experience gained in high-pressure situations will undoubtedly be beneficial on the international stage.

Media Manager: What are your personal aspirations for these World Cup qualifiers, and how do you envision the impact of a successful campaign on Ugandan football?

Umar Lutalo: Personally, I aim to give my best performance, make a positive impact, and contribute to our success in reaching the World Cup. A successful campaign would not only be a source of pride for us players but also inspire the next generation of footballers in Uganda. It could potentially elevate the status of Ugandan football on the global stage.

Media Manager: Lastly, any message for the fans who will be cheering for Uganda during these important qualifiers?

Umar Lutalo: To all the fans, your support means everything to us. We feel your energy on the field, and it motivates us to push harder. Let’s come together, stand united, and cheer for Uganda. We’ll give our all, and with your support, we aim to make our nation proud. Thank you for being the driving force behind us!

Jogoos’ Brilliance Unveiled: SC Villa’s Commanding Performance Against Arua Hill SC

SC Villa dominated match day seven at home against Arua Hill SC in the Startimes Uganda Premier League. Goals from Ronald Sekiganda, Umar Lutalo, and Peter Onzima secured the victory, while Frank Kalanda scored a consolation for the visitors in the dying minutes.

The game witnessed early excitement, with both teams showing speed and skill. The Jogoos controlled possession and launched numerous attacks, but it remained goalless until halftime.

The early minutes set the tone for a speedy contest, with both sides showcasing their skills. SC Villa, notably, displayed a commendable level of possession and launched several attacks, yet the breakthrough remained elusive in the initial stages. At the 37th minute, an opportunity presented itself as Sekiganda narrowly missed a header from Lutalo’s freekick.

The halftime whistle blew with the scoreline still goalless, but the anticipation in the stadium was palpable.

The second half ushered in a burst of action, with Ronald Sekiganda breaking the deadlock at the 47th minute. The Jogoos’ dominance continued, and at the 67th minute, a double substitution saw Hakim Kiwanuka and Charles Lwanga make way for Onzima and Bogere, respectively.

Umar Lutalo further extended SC Villa’s lead at the 70th minute, As the clock ticked, strategic substitutions unfolded. Onzima added another goal in the 90+1st minute, displaying skill and composure in beating his marker.

In the dying moments, Arua Hill SC managed to pull one back as Frank Kalanda headed in Wahab’s freekick at the 90+3rd minute. Despite the late consolation goal, SC Villa emerged victorious, capping off a dynamic display of skill and teamwork.

Ronald Sekiganda the day’s man of the match talked to this website;

“I’m thrilled to be fully fit and back in the team, especially after scoring my first goal this season. Despite missing big chances in the first half, we regrouped in the second half, securing maximum points that propel us forward in the upcoming games.”

Next up for Jogoos will be a trip to Mbarara on 23rd November 2023.

SC Villa Revives VMT Registration with Exclusive Database for 2023/24 Season

SC Villa has reopened the registration for their fans for the 2023/24 season through the Villa Members Trust (VMT). This revival was officially launched on November 8, with CEO William Nkemba, club PRO Asan Kasingye, and executive members Sarah Adong and Sam Mubiru in attendance.

CEO William Nkemba explained that the registration process had been temporarily halted, but it was now being revived with a specific purpose. The club wanted to establish an exclusive and independent database for SC Villa, free from third-party influence. They developed new software to achieve this goal and ensure they have full control over their membership data.

This decision was partly in response to concerns raised by members, particularly after disruptions during the previous presidential elections. Today’s revival of registration reflects the executive’s commitment to address those concerns and maintain full ownership of their database.

Membership fees remain at Ugx. 50,000 annually, and all registered members, including those who registered in June, will receive a membership card. Registration for November will take place at the club offices, with plans to expand the process nationwide.

“Nkemba also pledged to disclose the numbers of registered members from previous seasons since the initiation of the VMT.”

Waiting in the Wings: Jeans Braddy Wokorach can only wait for the right time.


In the world of football, patience and perseverance are virtues that every player must embrace. Jeans Braddy Wokorach, the promising goalkeeper for SC Villa, embodies these qualities as he awaits his chance to step onto the pitch and represent the Jogoos. We had the privilege to sit down with Wokorach and discuss his journey, aspirations, and what it means to be in the shadows of the senior goalkeeper while waiting for his opportunity under the watchful eye of Head Coach Dusan Stojanovic.

The Journey So Far:

Wokorach’s journey in the footballing world has been one filled with determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From his early days in the youth academies to his current position as the understudy to the senior goalkeeper, he has always had a clear goal in mind – to become the number one choice for SC Villa. He recognizes the importance of learning from experienced players and is grateful for the guidance he has received.

Working with Coach Stojanovic:

Coach Dusan Stojanovic, a seasoned football strategist, has been a pivotal figure in shaping Wokorach’s career sofar . The young goalkeeper has immense respect for Stojanovic and values the wisdom and insights the coach imparts. Wokorach understands that earning the coach’s trust is crucial, and he continues to put in the hard work to be prepared when his time comes.

Waiting for His Chance:

The life of a backup goalkeeper is one of patience and dedication. Wokorach knows that he must stay prepared and focused, even if it means sitting on the bench during match days. He shared with us that his day-to-day routine involves rigorous training, self-improvement, and analysis of his performance during practice sessions. He eagerly awaits that call from the coach, but he’s not merely waiting; he’s actively working to be the best he can be.

Aspirations and Ambitions:

Jeans Braddy Wokorach’s ambition is clear – he dreams of becoming a legendary goalkeeper for SC Villa. He believes that every game presents an opportunity to showcase his skills and prove himself to the fans and his team. His ultimate goal is to contribute to the success of the Jogoos and make his mark in Ugandan football history.

Closing Thoughts:

Jeans Braddy Wokorach’s story is a testament to the perseverance and dedication that every aspiring footballer must embrace. As he patiently waits for his first chance to represent SC Villa on the pitch, he continues to train, learn, and grow. With the guidance of Coach Dusan Stojanovic and Goal keeping coach Yusuf Senyonjo, Wokorach is poised to make a significant impact when his moment in the spotlight arrives. The Jogoos eagerly await the day Jeans Braddy Wokorach takes center stage, and it’s bound to be a memorable moment in Ugandan football.

Umar Lutalo’s Heroic Effort Falls Short as SC Villa Suffers Defeat against Bul FC

On a chilly Tuesday evening, SC Villa played host to Jinja’s formidable opponent, Bul FC, in a Startimes Uganda Premier League match. The #Jogoos started the game with determination and promise.

Early in the 3rd minute, an almost electric moment occurred when the #Jogoos came achingly close to scoring. Onzima’s timing was just a fraction off to connect with Kakande’s expertly placed cross.

As the first quarter of the match elapsed, both teams struggled to carve out clear goal-scoring opportunities, but the #Jogoos displayed some mesmerizing football skills, keeping the spectators on the edges of their seats.

In the 29th minute, Mutakubwa, Bul FC’s goalkeeper, emerged as a hero by diving to punch the ball into the corner, thwarting Bogere’s imminent goal.

However, the 35th minute ushered in a sudden twist. Bul FC managed to break the deadlock with a goal from a well-executed corner kick. George Kasonko’s precision shot found its way past the goalkeeper, and just two minutes later, they capitalized on another corner with David Otti heading the ball into the net.

At halftime, the #Jogoos found themselves trailing, setting the stage for a challenging second half.

After the break, the coach made crucial substitutions. Sekiganda and Lwanga stepped onto the field, replacing Semugera and Bogere, injecting fresh energy into the team.

The second half saw the #Jogoos dominating possession but struggling to create clear-cut goal-scoring opportunities.

In the 64th minute, a ray of hope shone through as SC Villa managed to pull one goal back, thanks to Umar Lutalo’s precise strike.

The #Jogoos relentlessly pressed the away side, but they couldn’t find the clear opportunity they desperately sought to level the score.

In the 66th minute, the coach opted for further changes, introducing Hakim Kiwanuka for Onzima and David Owori for Kakande.

Despite their determination and relentless efforts, the clock continued to tick away, and as the game reached the 70th minute, the #Jogoos were still in pursuit of that elusive equalizer. Their quest, however, ended in disappointment as they couldn’t find the much-needed goal, resulting in a heart-wrenching defeat.

“In the first half, we made errors, and it was crucial to bounce back with greater strength in the second half to secure the necessary points. It was a challenging first half, but our determination to level the score prevailed. I’m pleased to have scored my second goal in this match, but it wasn’t sufficient for the team. I want to express my gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support, and we are committed to making a strong comeback in the next game!” – Umar Lutalo, Midfielder

Next up for the Jogoos is the Derby as they will be visiting Express FC at Muteesa II stadium Wankulukuku on Wednesday 1st November 2023


Gavin Kizito

Sports Club Villa is delighted to confirm the signing of Gavin Kizito Mugweri on a three-year contract.

Kizito joins the Jogoos as a free agent after a short stint at the Egyptian side Al Ittihad Alexandria Club. Before traveling to Egypt, Gavin was The Jogoos’ defender and skipper in the 2021/22 season.

He has also featured and played in both of Uganda Cranes’ AFCON 2023 Qualification games against Algeria and Niger. He rose through the ranks from the U-17, U-20, and U-23 setups. He was a captain for the Uganda U-20 team and won silver at the 2021 U-20 AFCON championships hosted in Mauritania. In 2019, Gavin guided St. Mary’s Kitende to the Copa Coca-Cola and FEASSSA triumphs.

Gavin Kizito Mugweri

Gavin Kizito said:

“Villa is a club that has always had a special place in my heart, and I have been overwhelmed by the welcome messages from everyone at the club. I cannot wait to play for the Jogoos when the season begins. I’m looking forward to reaching our desired goals as a team, and I hope we have a very successful season ahead.”


Elvis Ngonde

Midfielder Elvis Ngonde has joined the Jogoos on a three year contract as a free agent from Gaddafi fc.

The talented defensive midfielder started his career from Busoga junior team before earning a promotion to the senior team in 2021 Later joining Gadaffi FC for a year UpTo the end of 2022/23/season.

The youngster has also featured for St Mary’s SS Kitende in USSA Football competitions and Uganda Cubs (National Boys U17).


” I am happy joining the Jogoos for the next three years. I’ve been welcomed by everyone at the team and settled in well.SC Villa is a club that bases it’s roots on history and I can only perform to my best to be part of it(History). I just can’t wait to see my self putting on the Jogoo jersey when the season begins.”

The Jogoos will kickoff their 2023/24 season on Friday 15th September at home against promoted side Kitara FC.

Everyone at the club welcomes Elvis and wish him the best of the season to come.