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SC Villa Revives VMT Registration with Exclusive Database for 2023/24 Season

SC Villa has reopened the registration for their fans for the 2023/24 season through the Villa Members Trust (VMT). This revival was officially launched on November 8, with CEO William Nkemba, club PRO Asan Kasingye, and executive members Sarah Adong and Sam Mubiru in attendance.

CEO William Nkemba explained that the registration process had been temporarily halted, but it was now being revived with a specific purpose. The club wanted to establish an exclusive and independent database for SC Villa, free from third-party influence. They developed new software to achieve this goal and ensure they have full control over their membership data.

This decision was partly in response to concerns raised by members, particularly after disruptions during the previous presidential elections. Today’s revival of registration reflects the executive’s commitment to address those concerns and maintain full ownership of their database.

Membership fees remain at Ugx. 50,000 annually, and all registered members, including those who registered in June, will receive a membership card. Registration for November will take place at the club offices, with plans to expand the process nationwide.

“Nkemba also pledged to disclose the numbers of registered members from previous seasons since the initiation of the VMT.”